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SEO Management ServicesAn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist is someone optimizing websites to help them rank higher in search engines and earn more organic traffic. Essentially, an SEO specialist is an expert content strategist. The specialist helps discover opportunities to provide reply to questions that people may have about your business through search engines.

The following three types of SEO define the scope of work of a specialist.

  • On-page SEO: This type of SEO is focused around content that is “on the page.” It involves optimizing that content to boost the ranking of the website for specific keywords.
  • Off-page SEO: This aspect of SEO focuses on the links directed towards your website from other places on the internet. The total volume of “backlinks” and the credibility of the publishers carrying those links, help to build trust for your website on search engines and thereby improve its ranking.
  • Technical SEO: This aspect of SEO is involved with the architecture of the website, examining the backend of the website to evaluate the technical aspects of setting up the website. Search engines like Google place equal emphasis on the code of a website and its content, making technical SEO an important aspect of improving the ranking of the website.

Do note that not every business optimizes its website in the same way, and therefore optimization processes differ. It is the job of an SEO specialist to examine the industry, deduce what is important for the audience, and develop a feasible SEO strategy to provide the right kind of content to the audience.

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